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About Us
We are a leader in the landscaping industry dedicated to the design and installation of gardens and their surroundings. We are committed to our clients. We develop our services and products with the highest quality and durability to completely satisfy our clients’ needs. At the same time, improving the social and economical areas in which we work.
Being a leader company in the Napa Valley, we are achieving our goal by maintaining the highest level of quality. Our policy is to become better everyday and focusing our efforts in being prepared to satisfy the needs of our clients while keeping up with the ever-changing landscaping industry. We are always trying to reinforce our relationship with our customers. Also we contribute to the improvement of the social and economical environment where we live.
We are a company the works hard in carving a niche in the Napa Valley. We effectively develop projects in the areas of Hard scape, Soft scape, Stonework, Steel arbors, Wood arbors, and water features in residential and commercial projects.
Martinez Landscaping was born in the Napa Valley, a place where in the last twenty years had witnessed the development and evolution of beautifully designed gardens. It is one of the most desirable places to visit in the United States.